Friday, August 31, 2012

A new strawberry bed

I have reclaimed the last bit of lawn that I am allowed. But all in a good cause - a new strawberry bed. I had forgotten how much hard work it is to dig up turf, do edging etc. This garden is 100% eco friendly, recycled and upcycled. The bricks are from various chimneys that came down in the earthquakes, The edges of the paths were from tiles already in the garden and just used in a better format. Then I dug out some of the chook pen and put all the lovely stuff on top of a pile of shredding I had done. Added some compost with loads of worms. A leftover 1.5 metres of weed matting from another job and viola a bed ready for a scrummy strawberry summer. (not to say sore bottom muscles from all the digging and brick moving.)

I still have to finish digging up the bed behind the strawberry patch, but at least it's edging is in too and as it will be a potato patch it is too early anyway.

The chooks are super happy as they have a new lawn for their run. I love the way they recycle things for me.


  1. You have an awesome garden, I love that the chooks get to share it all with you(and give you their goodies for the garden!) Happy gardening days.....

    1. Thanks Nicky - now where near as big a garden as you have though. I am sure you could classify all your farm as garden!!!

  2. Hi Karen! About the strawberries being under cover here in Aus, I think its because of the potential hail storms that we so often get. Its been known to wipe out complete crops. I guess its good insurance for the farmers. Love your strawberry patch! Hope things are warming up for you guys over there!

    Anne xx


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