Monday, August 27, 2018

Bow tie making

Aaron and I are booked to attend Post Modern Jukebox again this year. Last year lots of people whent dressed according to theme and whilst I made a bit of an attempt Aaron did not. This year he wants to go looking the part. He purchased the shirt, trousers and neon pink braces and asked me to make a bow tie to go with it.
We had a vast selection of materials out of my patchwork material stash and Aaron chose this batik. I 
used a pattern I had made boys waistcoats and bow ties from, for my sisters wedding. In the pattern the bows were the same size but I was never happy with that look. So the back bow is about 4mm larger all around than the front. With a good interfacing it sits well. I pulled apart a bow tie from the Charity shop and used it's bits and pieces for the back neck slide. 
Really pleased with the result.
 Here he is rocking the outfit at a charity dinner we went to recently.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Knitted headband and rose

Dredging through all my craft projects to try and get stuff finished! I had forgotten about this headband. My husband and I tramped in winter and I needed something to keep my ears warm. I find a hat too hot tramping. So I started to knit this when I got back. Then I stopped. The knitting had finished but I found it yesterday, not sewn up. I wanted to put a rose or flower on the side but after a couple of attempts I gave up.
My sister came over for a couple of hours with her knitting. Reinspired to finish I found a Youtube video on how to crotchet a flower. Such good instruction. I made a flower in a jiffy, sewed the band and tried it on. No pattern used and am happy with it. 
A couple of notes on the side. Aaron and I took a walk up the Warfedale Track on Sunday. Four hours of very easy terrain and I was beyond jiggered. Aaron said that I was walking but getting nowhere! Goodness it takes a lot to get fitness back. The puppy is still the cutest thing in our house.

late at night all wanting to get in.

Friday, August 17, 2018

An upcycle - sewing for myself

 In my blogging absence I have made a few things, though not many. The absence has reflected my lack of doing and creativity in the craft sphere and feeling completely overloaded and overdone. I've finished my contract and am taking a deep breath, (she says as she is studying at Massey and frantically doing assignments).

A year or so ago my sister gave me some pink merino that she felt was too bright for her and I have used that for the main body. Rather than making new sleeves I chopped sleeve off a grey merino jersey that had holes down the front. I got the sleeve length a bit wrong so I used a bit of elastic, of the correct length, and sewed it down the sleeve seam. This has resulted in a gathered look that I really like.

Pink and grey is my favourite colour combination. The design was taken from a shirt I bought from C.REED. She is the designer of Minx shoes and designs and makes a capsule wardrobe. I was lucky enough to be in store when she was. She's a very interesting and vital person and has a style I like.

For those who follow me on facebook you'll know we have a new puppy - Pepper. She is so gorgeous and giving heaps of pleasure. So I'll finish with a photo of her.
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