Friday, July 31, 2015

I am on my way

It has taken me a week to pack and be organised. I have added projects, removed projects, tried to be realistic and failed. The car is FULL. I am over two hours late leaving...but here I go. Off to my five day retreat for sewing, gorgeous food, rest and recreation. There is no more room in my car!!!
The sewing machine even had to go in the footwell of the passenger seat. I am sure I have missed a project or two!!
I call this part of the car my shop. I have two drawers of a selection of fabric and when I need something I pop out there to have a look.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Giant cupcake as a birthday cake

Eli is 10! He wanted a giant cupcake birthday cake and a lolly bar. Whew that was a lot of sugar. Tip to self... Never have 6 x 10year old boys to sleep over (I honestly think it is called a wake over).

Friday, July 24, 2015

First garden bed in.. veges on their way!!

The first garden bed was finished on the weekend. A mighty job by Aaron and the boys. Slowly making the new house feel like our own.
Looking good. Paving for the path started on the lefthand side.
The reality of the mess!!
This is what it looked like just as we started to remove beds that for some reason were plonked in the middle of the lawn. Weird.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gingerbread castles

We are very blessed to have some amazing friends who are happy to let us use their farm to camp on, their company to tramp with, and their daughter to boy sit in the holidays.
School holidays and it was a boy sitter day. But the boys and Arial spent the entire day at her Mum's house making the most amazing gingerbread concoctions. 
When I went to pick the boys up after work their day had been a blast. A delicious gingerbread recipe and real chocolate melted to hold it all together. Do you see the Roman Chariot in the front of the photo. Lovely Tracey had not only had our boys around but lots of other teenagers too. The creations were amazing. 
Then the next week they spent the whole day out tramping with them all!! 

Monday, July 20, 2015

Making a homework station

We are slowly settling into our new house. The last box was unpacked in the weekend. Now I am starting to look at how the house is organised.

We had a lovely piece of Rimu which had been taken out of a house being renovated. Then I bought two old pot plant stands which (for some odd reason) had the top pieces taken off. I found them at our local second hand barn. Haggled a great price as they were in the corner covered in dust.
Aaron was dubious about my plan so I set it up to show him how wonderful it would be.
recycle old shelves
A few days later the skillsaw came out and the wood was cut to the correct size - Yes in the middle of the dining room just after I had vacuumed - need I say anymore?
Then instead of using dowel etc I used heaps of L brackets to screw the legs onto the Rimu shelf.

 And voila we have a very handy homework station. Still a bit of work to do to get it how I want it exactly. But in working order with a laptop, monitor and keyboard as well as all the essential pens, rulers etc.

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

Not snowing yet

We are told too expect snow. The boys are all settled and ready for it!!

Turning bottles into glasses

So it is school holidays and the boys are older. Now we can try some of the more dangerous activities.

Get some beer and wine bottles and try a bit of upcycling or recycling. I remembered doing this when I was a child. First we tied string which had been dipped in methylated spirits around the bottles and set it alight. Once it burnt then the bottle went under cold water. It definitely broke but it was very jagged and will take a lot of grinding.
So then we did a bit of research. Green science were great. A good explanation and Utube video and we started again. Using a glass cutter we scratched around the bottle and then poured boiling water onto the scratch only. Then under the cold tap and the crack would appear. Then one more time and boof - off comes the top of the bottle. A much smoother cut and easier to grind down.
glass cutting

This was all completed over a couple of days as we had to walk the dogs into town to get a glass cutter, do research, try and try again.

Great fun
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Thursday, July 16, 2015

On the needles at the moment

Yes, I have started yet another project. I love knitting but the boys don't wear home knitted things now that there is merino available. Aaron had too many jerseys and I don't need any more. But I had over 1kg of my mother's home spun wool and it is light and lovely. I ransacked the local library for more Biden knitting books and find a very funky pattern.

So on my needles are two stands of wool at the same time imported on 8mm chunky needles. A textured shrug. An really enjoying sitting in front of the fire knitting in the evenings.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

From Farmers Market to my plate

We went to the Riccarton House Market on Saturday morning after doing a lovely walk or run or scooter or skateboard (depending on who in our family you are!) around Hagley Park.

Oh the amazing new juice we found. Organic apple and lime made locally. 1 litre for the price of a cup of coffee. Heaven.

From these gorgeous ingredients we made dinner fit for those who are into food miles and organics and mid winter vitamin C shots. Bake Potatoes in a super hot oven until crispy outside and soft in the middle then add your toppings as you desire. Hugh "fearlessly eats it all" eat your heart out!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

This Is my favourite possie

Full of the most hideous cold I have had in a long time. Had to take days of work. Sofa bed, feather quilt, friendly dog, coffee and fire.
Wow could not have done this week without the fire or coffee! Both make me feel better!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Thankful for an abundance of lemons

At our new house we have two citrus. One had only just been identified as a Kaffir lime, taller than me, when the first frost -6 deg C hit it and it has just kept dying ever since. But the other - the lemon tree - is doing stunningly well and we have masses of fruit that make you feel healthier just looking at them.
Well I have needed that health. I have been struck by a gale force cold. It came on fast and it hit hard. I should be under the bulldozer by now. I even had to have some days off work.

Divinely restorative Lemon ginger hot drink.
Three of those lemons, a thumb of chopped fresh ginger and some honey from the hives of our friends. Added four cups of water and muddled it all with a wooden spoon. Oh the heavenly aroma (if I could smell!!), but boy I can taste. The pungent heat of the ginger cuts through my cold and I sit in front of the fire (Yes finally permitted) and sip this restorative drink.

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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mad Hair Day - "I never want to be a girl"

For Mad Hair Day at School the boys wanted hair colour and lots of tufts all over. Jakob got 11 tuft but Eli screamed the whole time. "It hurts", "I can't move my face with all the bands pulling tight" etc etc..... 
They decided that being a girl was  horrific and went to school asking all their friends how do they manage to put their hair up every day. It was a whole new outlook for them.

The day was organised by a few girls in Eli's class. Having gone through some pretty horrific experiences in our Christchurch earthquakes, the Nepalese earthquake being 8.something just resonated with everyone. We understand. The girls wanted to do something so the principal approved a mad hair day with gold coin going to Nepal. Well done to a bunch of 9 year old girls and yet again proving why we chose to put our boys into the school. 

A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....