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On the needles at the moment

Yes, I have started yet another project. I love knitting but the boys don't wear home knitted things now that there is merino available. Aaron had too many jerseys and I don't need any more. But I had over 1kg of my mother's home spun wool and it is light and lovely. I ransacked the local library for more Biden knitting books and find a very funky pattern.

So on my needles are two stands of wool at the same time imported on 8mm chunky needles. A textured shrug. An really enjoying sitting in front of the fire knitting in the evenings.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the final product. Nice to have something to keep hands busy in the evenings :)

  2. So with you on that one. Nothing better than a lovely knitting project on a (number of) cold winter days!


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