Saturday, July 4, 2015

Mad Hair Day - "I never want to be a girl"

For Mad Hair Day at School the boys wanted hair colour and lots of tufts all over. Jakob got 11 tuft but Eli screamed the whole time. "It hurts", "I can't move my face with all the bands pulling tight" etc etc..... 
They decided that being a girl was  horrific and went to school asking all their friends how do they manage to put their hair up every day. It was a whole new outlook for them.

The day was organised by a few girls in Eli's class. Having gone through some pretty horrific experiences in our Christchurch earthquakes, the Nepalese earthquake being 8.something just resonated with everyone. We understand. The girls wanted to do something so the principal approved a mad hair day with gold coin going to Nepal. Well done to a bunch of 9 year old girls and yet again proving why we chose to put our boys into the school. 

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  1. We had a Wacky Hair day at school and I also wondered how all the girl mums get on! Some of the hairstyles were amazing! Lucas was content for me to colour his hair with wet sidewalk chalk (it really works!) and went on his merry way to school.


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