Recycle / Upcycle projects

Boot slippers from old blankets

A fascinator from leftovers
2 chairs - now hall seat
Annie Sloan
Chalk paint and new cushion
Nightie made from business shirts
Click on the links to get some ideas of your own. If you blog / facebook / twitter or other about it, I would appreciate you making reference to where you got your idea or pattern and linking it to the appropriate blog page.
Gift bags from wallpaper
Make a recycled laundry bucket

A coat or bag rack from old cutlery
Lego Station
upcycling a chair

Make a roll away wooden storage box
Linen cushion from a recycled shirt
Use plastic bottles for deep watering of plants
boys hoodie
Boys Merino Hoodie

Zip front Merino

Upcycle items to a dress

How to make 100% cotton duvets from Op Shop Sheets

Flowers from fabric and buttons

Refashion.Merino trousers from a cardigan
Chair made from two bed ends

Make a craft cutting table


  1. That pillow is gorgeous! I've been looking at your quilts too, wow! I'd like to make one but everytime I read about binding I get scared...

  2. Cool, can I link up with you for these projects to my blog, I love posting about other people who recycle?
    carli the quilter at gmail dot com



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