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Whipping up some Merino Kids trousers

My brother in law and all the family came over on Saturday. After a bit of discussion about how difficult it was to find trousers that fit wee Alex, I decided to jump on the sewing machine.

Only 15 minutes later he had a new pair of Merino trousers. Get an adults jersey - this was a old fashioned cardigan. Cut the arms into leg patter shape at the top. Do not cut down any other seams and make sure the cut leaves enough leg that it becomes the hemmed bottom of the trousers.

Cut a waistband and sew it on with the appropriate length of elastic. Voila. A very happy three year old.
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A couple of glimpses from Rarotonga

A very small glimpse of Rarotonga. Lots of beach dining, cocktails over looking the water and snorkelling. Did a lovely 4km walk up the beach at dusk to one of the best dining experiences we had. The Castaway at Wilsons Bar. Very unexpected to have such consistently good food from the tiny unassuming place.

Back Friday night and then on Saturday we went sledding in the snow!! What a temp shock 26 deg in the tropics to -2 deg in the snow.

Moro bar slice

Moro bars were only $1 at the supermarket so I thought I would try the craze of a few years ago. Bringing the good old honey crackle (rice bubble slice) up to modern times and make it with a Moro bar. I melted two and put them into two cups of rice bubbles. Wow it set quick but was not enough liquid to set it all so had to add 30g melted butter.

I was given a recipe a while ago but have lost it and it must be better than this. I mean this was amazingly yummy but did not make anywhere near enough for the fact that I use that many Moro bars.

So am asking for help. Who knows of a recipe? I wondered maybe if Pru from Crafty Cake Creative might know?

Your help please.

A Unique way to cook breakfast

On the hot tub fire!!!
Winter has set in and we are still without a fire in the house, thanks to the useless council who have so far taken 6 weeks to process a resource consent to replace an existing fire with a new eco emission fire. I mean how hard is that? 10 minutes work? Grrrrr

So the hot tub was lit last night and I wanted it fast so I really cranked it up. Which meant it stayed quite warm overnight and just needed the quickest of fires this morning.
We had often talked of cooking over the fire as it gets hot. Last night we roasted marshmellows while sitting in the tub. Mind kept falling into the fire as they melted quickly. This morning we tried a flatplate from the BBQ and hash browns.