Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Unique way to cook breakfast

On the hot tub fire!!!

Winter has set in and we are still without a fire in the house, thanks to the useless council who have so far taken 6 weeks to process a resource consent to replace an existing fire with a new eco emission fire. I mean how hard is that? 10 minutes work? Grrrrr

So the hot tub was lit last night and I wanted it fast so I really cranked it up. Which meant it stayed quite warm overnight and just needed the quickest of fires this morning.

We had often talked of cooking over the fire as it gets hot. Last night we roasted marshmellows while sitting in the tub. Mind kept falling into the fire as they melted quickly. This morning we tried a flatplate from the BBQ and hash browns.


  1. This really is a novel idea! It's also interesting to think that you are experiencing almost midwinter, when I get to enjoy the best summertimes in Finland! Good luck with getting the fireplace permission, nothing beats a real fire when it's cold weather.

  2. Loving the hot tub! Hope the council gets its act together. It's been so frosty!


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