Saturday, November 19, 2016

Scrappy zip boxy pouch

   Zip pouch, patchwork
Sometime in my surgery and recovery I have lost my makeup purse. I know that when packing for the hospital I decided to put it in a safe place as I would not need it till I went back to work. I am good at safe places so I still cannot find it, it is that safe! So I raided my scrap bag.
I decided to quilt it prior to assembly. I follow a lovely lady called Tiina on her blog Tilkunviilaaja. She makes the most amazing zip pouches with incredible quilting. I am trying to expand my quilting repertoire so decided to tightly quilt it. 
A few swirls and some wave like patterns and I was ready to make it into a box pouch.
Pleased with the little project and having it completed an refilled.
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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Great family camping

In spite of a terrible weather forecast  we decided to head out camping for the long weekend. A bit of a post operation melt down from me meant that we did not go until Friday morning.
The weather was as predicted. Totally wet wet wet. But we had a great time relaxing, reading and I did some stitching. On Saturday night it was clear enough for a fire to toast marshmallows and do baked potatoes on the fire. So a glass of gorgeous port and my wet sock removed. I was toasty and warm on the inside and out! 
We had a visit from my brother and sister-in-law and kids. They got soaked but had a good time. We were not to know that a day later they would be staying with us again due to another massive series of earthquakes with a tsunami, which meant they were evacuated from their home yet again. Love having them but it is under such awful circumstances.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dilbert the Diplodocus

stuffed diplodocus
 Aaron is going to Brisbane area in Australia for the Cold Play concert and it is going to coincide with Luca's first birthday. So I whipped out the Melly and Me patterns I had, consulted with the boys and they chose this pattern. A quick search for some bright fabrics in my scrap bag and then the green from my stash. There was a bit of frustration as the gusset of the animal did not turn out right so I had to resew that (which also mean removing the stuffing and then restuffing it).
Now wrapped in my current go to wrapping paper - old sewing patterns from the dump shop. Soon to wing it's way from NZ to Australia. 

Happy Birthday Luca
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Recycling - now funky Christmas decoration for my craft room

 When I went to my quilting retreat I knew I would need a couple of little projects to do when tired. I took all my old thread spools and my bag of scraps. I should have taken a glue gun as that would have been quick and easy, but I did not so I stitched the material onto the spools.
I think I saw this idea either on Crazy Mum Quilts or Cluck Cluck Sew, but as I can't seem to trace it I cannot accurately credit the idea. 
So now it is above the window over my sewing machine, decorating the craft / computer room. 
I love that it is using something normally thrown out. The first Christmassy (and to be honest it will probably be permanently up there) thing in the house.
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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Refashion - summer hat from linen shirt

This hat pattern I have made before out of natural linen and I wear it all the time. I had a black linen shirt and knew I wanted a black hat with polka dots. It was actually quite tricky getting enough material for a hat, due to curves, from the shirt - but I did it. I do think I am going to have to put a thin red ribbon around the seam between the crown and brim just to spark it to life a bit.

I was taking new photos as I just could not get the photo of me edited right. Eli saw me and volunteered to model. Although the linen was black someone said to me "you have made a green hat". Sure enough in direct light it has a greenish tinge somehow, I am a bit gutted by that.

Really pleased with the hat. This is now my third one and I have adjusted the original pattern so much that I almost feel I can call it my own.

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A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....