Friday, October 29, 2010

How to use linen shirts that don't fit

I had a lovely linen shirt that was bias cut. Looked great on the front but on the back it looked awful. So cut it up. Found the end of a old skirt that i had already used for something. Put the two together and hey presto! a romper pants and sun top for Mieke. I am pleased with it even if I say so myself!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

My latest ReCreation

Yes I have finally finished the quilt for me for the camper. I had been sick of doing boys quilts so this time it is a girly quilt (Aaron will just have to get over sleeping under pink!). I made a matching one for Mieke (not that she is going camping!!) so we will both look wonderfull.
It is again made from scouring the second hand shops and buying any PJ's I could get. It is easy to get a bag of them when the shops only have a bottom or a top, they tend to fill a bag for $4 or something cheap and easy like that.
It was a lovely day to photograph it today but a bit of a breeze came up so the boys held  corner each.

Mieke is so cute sleeping

Today the weather was so fantastic that I madly washed all the sheets from the beds. When Mieke needed a sleep I was not organised so she slept on our bed. A wee nest for her and a pillow as yes - yet another Schulz who has reflux. But all was well and she slept for an amazing 2 1/2 hours.

Stephen and Jess were also here for lunch today so I tried to give Mieke her first cooking lesson. Jess held her while I taught but the photo came out far too dark - Eli took it and there was too much back lighting. I will put the photo in anyway as I do need a record of her first ever cooking lesson (it was making bread in the breadmaker).

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Picnic for the Christchurch Earthquake Concert

The Christchurch free concert is today. Started at 11am but we are leaving home at 2.30pm as the boys would not be able to do 9 hours at a concert. Hopefully there will be space!!
So the first picnic for the summer (we have had winter picnics) has been done.

We have frozen bottles of apple juice (as it is 22degC), chocolate covered strawberries (covered in Whittakers Mocha 70% cocoa chocolate), Fruit cake from Annabel Langbeins new book (The Free Range Cook), Smoked salmon, cream cheese and crackers (the salmon is from the Rangiora Fresh Fish Shop) and gorgeous chicken kebabs and rice salad. Yum, I can't wait.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

time in Cromwell

Yes school holidays. But we took five days off in the middle and went to Cromwell. The cousins enjoyed the various picnics, walks on the central otago rail trail, playing games and watching Tv in the mornings.

Another hooked on revamping

I have realised that I have changed a skirt into a dress for Montana Rose, I took a photo of the skirt I bought at the second hand shop but no one of the finished article. Will update it later. Turned an old fashioned nightie into a string strap nightie for me and no photos!! terrible. I have been too inspired with the doing. Also while I was in Cromwell my sister and I spent a couple of nights revamping things. she turned a merino jersey with holes into a lovely bolero style top.

Omarama is the most relaxing place

In the school holidays we headed to Cromwell. On the way we spotted something new. Hot pools at Omarama. But these are no ordinary hot pools. They are Japanese style hot pools. No chlorine, new water put in after each hire. There are twelve individual pools and they are all secluded and have their own change room and shower.
It was grey and miserable and we soaked. It totally got rid of Eli's cold and we all felt so much better. We had a picnic lunch in the pool as it did not matter about crumbs etc as the pool would be emptied after our visit.
Having a real fire to heat it was fantastic. Totally recommend the place.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Announcing the arrival of our newest family member!

We are absolutely thrilled and ecstatic to announce to everyone the arrival of our newest family member.

Mum & bubs both doing really well, and Jakob and Eli couldn't be more pleased.

Mieke Ruby Schulz, 1 month prem.
5lb 11ozs

Minecraft Pillow

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