Monday, October 25, 2010

My latest ReCreation

Yes I have finally finished the quilt for me for the camper. I had been sick of doing boys quilts so this time it is a girly quilt (Aaron will just have to get over sleeping under pink!). I made a matching one for Mieke (not that she is going camping!!) so we will both look wonderfull.
It is again made from scouring the second hand shops and buying any PJ's I could get. It is easy to get a bag of them when the shops only have a bottom or a top, they tend to fill a bag for $4 or something cheap and easy like that.
It was a lovely day to photograph it today but a bit of a breeze came up so the boys held  corner each.


  1. ooh I like that one! is it snuggly?

  2. I'm so glad that I'm following you! What a gorgeous quilt (and a very clever idea using pajamas). Is it hard to learn how to quilt?


  3. Your quilt is lovely.

  4. Love your quilt and the fact that you used thrifted pjs. It's sure to keep you warm while camping.

  5. Fantastic Job!! Happy Easter!

  6. I know I'm commenting on an old post, but had to just say...beautiful. I haven't quilted in a long time, and was cleaning out my closet recently, and found a bunch of quilt tops I'd never gotten around to finishing into actual quilts (batting, backing,, the three b's). They were beautiful...I felt both nostalgic and sad that they'd been put away before they were finished.

    I love that you did a girly quilt. I love the design, the flowers (looks like both applique and patchwork? So fun). I especially love that you finished. Woot!

  7. I love this quilt, you've inspired me to start collecting old pjs so that I can do one too. It looks so soft & snuggly, lovely!


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