Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bright colours on my sewing machine.

I have been pottering around trying to tidyup my sewing area. Sitting on my table was a box of scraps and bits that Tiina sent me when I became her 80th follower. So I thought that I would use them on something that reminded me of her. She makes the most amazing zip purses and bags out of scraps. So I started with her fabrics and added more of my own.  
I now have two sides ready to quilt. Tiina makes use of much smaller pieces, so my one is not going to be as elegant as hers. She also has been making a few quilts that I had never seen patterns for before. I love them. 
In amongst the bits I also found a pile of gingham strips ready to be made into binding, and finally made them up. Do go and check out Tiina's blog as it translates ok into english and she does lovely quilting.

In amongst all of this I have been busy mowing the lawn, pruning the roses and putting out the sawdust we have as a mulch. So much to do and so little time!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

19 quilts ready to go

Finally we are organising sending all the quilts off to Hope Homes International for the orphans beds. There are 19 quilts completely finished, which has taken about four years!!
I pulled all the quilts out of all the little hidey holes around the house and am busy labeling who made them, who donated material etc. They are all going to get displayed at church on Sunday so I am hoping the everyone will be impressed and maybe be inspired to send a bit more to this place.
So many people have donated so much for this to occur. A huge thanks to Hazel who is clearing out her house for earthquake repairs and called me to pick up all this wonderful material, books etc.

I am still praying and hoping to get a few more or have some donated as there are currently 23 kids in the orphanage and another 5 living with the directors of the orphanage. But it will happen over time.

I link to these places and crazy mum quilts.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Refashion - Now a merino tunic

Over the last week I have been working on this Merino tunic. I was inspired by a blog I follow "Sew outside the lines" and especially all her refashions of jersey's into tunics - look at the one in the bottom of this post.
Jodi used to call her blog "Re-inventing fashion" and that was when I started following. I would love to attend one of her workshops and keep asking why does she not come to NZ?!!

Anyway - after looking at lots of her photos and trying to work out how she does it, this is what I ended up with. Not like hers at all as I have left it opening rather than pull on. Also I cannot quite work out how she uses the sleeves etc, but I know she does.
The cowl restitched on the neck

The back

This is in aim to be warmer at work. If I am out talking the the guys on the floor it is open to the elements and freezing. I want to have a woolen garment that I can use as another layer over anything I am wearing. So black was the choice.

This jersey was given to me by my friend Susan when we visited her in Kerikeri last time. It had a huge cowl neck that in the end was just too big for me, but ended up being a fantastic collar on this and also cut for extra pieces down the front.

Adding the sleeves into the body created some funny shapes around the bottom of the article, some of it I have left as it is quirky, some I have turned into a more straight diagonal look.
The cowl used to tidy up the front bottom
Pretty happy with my first attempt. It will live at work and keep me warm.

Linking up to these places and Crazy Mum Quilts.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

revamp a Bean Bag

I had this material sitting around for over a year, all with the intention of redoing Eli's bean bag and other things for his room. I think I need one of the lists - where all my items I want to sew, that I already have the material for  - gets visible to it actually gets actioned!!!

A year ago I finished one for Aaron and meant to get this one done the next week!! Goodness my procrastination is getting long. 

Slowly getting organised for Eli's birthday. I have turned his old Bob the Builder bean bag (say that fast!) into a more up to date, pre teen bean bag seat. His room has the NZ fern material for the covering of other things so it will fit in well. Made more of my own bias binding for this and am pleased with how the bias binding set in this time. I am getting better at sewing it.

I am finding working so many more hours is taking a bit of getting adjusted to, so the sewing and crafting has bottomed out at the moment. Am getting some knitting done on the couch some nights.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Red Riding Hood's Grandmother

Yes, Eli went to mufti day (raising money for the 40 hour famine) as Red Riding Hood's grandmother who had just come out of the shower. Looking good!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Awesome family day

Today the weather was super cold but we had a lovely time after church. Got Eli's birthday present from the Mall, went out to lunch on a voucher that I won at a quizz night. (sat next to Owen Franks the Allblack). Then ended up with a punt on the Avon River. The wonderful people gave us blankets and hot water bottles to keep us warm.
These photos are a few selfies we took.

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A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....