Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bright colours on my sewing machine.

I have been pottering around trying to tidyup my sewing area. Sitting on my table was a box of scraps and bits that Tiina sent me when I became her 80th follower. So I thought that I would use them on something that reminded me of her. She makes the most amazing zip purses and bags out of scraps. So I started with her fabrics and added more of my own.  
I now have two sides ready to quilt. Tiina makes use of much smaller pieces, so my one is not going to be as elegant as hers. She also has been making a few quilts that I had never seen patterns for before. I love them. 
In amongst the bits I also found a pile of gingham strips ready to be made into binding, and finally made them up. Do go and check out Tiina's blog as it translates ok into english and she does lovely quilting.

In amongst all of this I have been busy mowing the lawn, pruning the roses and putting out the sawdust we have as a mulch. So much to do and so little time!!!


  1. Thank you for your lovely words! They made my day, which is especially good today, my last day of summer vacation! I was glad to see that you are putting the scraps into good use, and whatever you create, I hope you will enjoy the end result!

  2. oooo bright and happy! irresistible!

  3. I love anything made from scraps. The fabrics look lovely together. looking forward to seeing the finished product! Thanks for popping by my blog. I'm now following you via Bloglovin.. X


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