Thursday, July 10, 2014

revamp a Bean Bag

I had this material sitting around for over a year, all with the intention of redoing Eli's bean bag and other things for his room. I think I need one of the lists - where all my items I want to sew, that I already have the material for  - gets visible to it actually gets actioned!!!

A year ago I finished one for Aaron and meant to get this one done the next week!! Goodness my procrastination is getting long. 

Slowly getting organised for Eli's birthday. I have turned his old Bob the Builder bean bag (say that fast!) into a more up to date, pre teen bean bag seat. His room has the NZ fern material for the covering of other things so it will fit in well. Made more of my own bias binding for this and am pleased with how the bias binding set in this time. I am getting better at sewing it.

I am finding working so many more hours is taking a bit of getting adjusted to, so the sewing and crafting has bottomed out at the moment. Am getting some knitting done on the couch some nights.


  1. This is just fantastic!!!! I think it is awesome to use what you have and give it a new spin! You are very talented! Nicole

  2. Cool. I'm sure it will get a lot of use.

  3. Well done! Am sure he is loving it :) time time where did you go??


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