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Monday, May 15, 2017

Not your normal Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year I asked to tramp with the boys. Not a request I would ever have done in the past. I never thought walking / hiking / tramping would ever be something I could do or enjoy again. It is hard to explain. I am exhausted at the end and often feel totally overdone. But in a "not fit" great way. Rather than in a medical emergency way that was occurring.

The rest breaks on the way there looked good.
We walked into Anti Crow Hut. Which is the weirdest name ever!! But there is an Anti Crow stream right near it.
I was shattered by the time I got there. A lot due to the mental thought of having to do it all in reverse and being time pressured with the short winter day. 
Arthurs Pass Tramping
The hut in the background
When we were half an hour short of the hut Aaron and Eli raced ahead to boil the billy and give us some hot food. We worked out the break could only be half an hour, this was a great idea as we got hot good food, which gave me some fuel for the return and made me feel amazingly more positive. I am learning a different tramping. As before I could just keep going. Now I have to have breaks, food, rest. So I need to adjust to new expectations.
Not a great photo but the return rest breaks were quite funny. Hard to get up from and thrilled to collapse when we finally took a stop.

Loved loved loved it.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Knitting in places that don't need wool

Well I have been knitting in the oddest place, Rarotonga. 10 days where it did not fall below 26 deg C and was normally 28 - 31. Loved it. But sometimes the sun gets too much and retreating to the room is needed. This is a laceweight merino that is multi dyed. I had a different pattern in mind when I bought it. I have started and unpicked twice as it just did not work for me. This time I am just doing a straight scarf using a lacy pattern and 5mm needles. I love it.
Leaving the hotel

Last swim in the warm ocean.

On our last day we had until 2pm and mucked around in the ocean on canoes. Had a huge swim just with Aaron while the boys were in the pool. Trying to get four of us on one canoe was hilarious and a great family bit of laughter.

This trip I used the canoes much more than I had ever before. The weather was consistently fantastic and it was just good to be on the water and a bit cooler. The water was so warm that it did not matter if you fell in. Also as my health was so much better I had the omph to be able to do physical things.

Aaron and I had a few date nights

The hotel from the water

Eli and I canoed every day and we started going right out to the reef and surfing the waves in. The water was so calm that we had to head way out on all except one day.

This trip was warmer than any of our other trips. I did not get to wear my fancy dresses in the evening much as it was just too hot, loose cool clothing only. Three nights were cool enough for me to wear my glad rags and I enjoyed dressing up.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Great family camping

In spite of a terrible weather forecast  we decided to head out camping for the long weekend. A bit of a post operation melt down from me meant that we did not go until Friday morning.
The weather was as predicted. Totally wet wet wet. But we had a great time relaxing, reading and I did some stitching. On Saturday night it was clear enough for a fire to toast marshmallows and do baked potatoes on the fire. So a glass of gorgeous port and my wet sock removed. I was toasty and warm on the inside and out! 
We had a visit from my brother and sister-in-law and kids. They got soaked but had a good time. We were not to know that a day later they would be staying with us again due to another massive series of earthquakes with a tsunami, which meant they were evacuated from their home yet again. Love having them but it is under such awful circumstances.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What to do with the finished quilt?

Well I finished it. Memory verses from Jakob's first year at our current school.

Practised heaps of different quilting techniques, trying to be more like a professional. BUT - no one wants it!! Moral to the story, don't do a quilt unless someone has specifically given instructions. So although it is about our journey, I think this will travel to far off lands. Into the bundle for the orphans at Hope Homes International.

Being the long weekend and the last long holiday before the end of winter. We dashed off to Mt Cook / Aorangi for the weekend. Wow - COLD. The bottles of water in the car froze solid!!
But we had an awesome time. Did some walks - though really they should be calls skids, it was either in gorgeous soft powder snow, or massive ice. We all skidded and slipped.
Lots of selfies

And some amazing views from the Hotel room.

Monday, May 9, 2016

A bit of outside time and a new seat.

When Eli and Aaron were away in Kaikoura Jakob and I went and purchased a huge slab of Macrocapa. Aaron had made two Gambian squares as legs. But now we needed to take off all the bark and start sanding to make it gorgeous.  Chisels and hammers being wielded. 

The weather has been so good we have been able to do this after school one day. Of course the mucking around then starts!

Then the boys tidied up all the prunings I was making. Try spotting the boys!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Summer camping, something for everyone in the family

The boys finished school on Thursday and so Friday lunch time we headed out for the weekend camping. This is what Christmas and the holidays is about for us. There was a bit of everything for everyone this weekend.

Barkers raspberry jam
Lots of fresh produce from the Geraldine Farmers Market, the butcher and Barkers.
hiding in the bunk

Hiding in dark corners to keep the light of the screens, as well as swimming and lots of walking. 
 Family time talking.

Just what we needed. And we missed the hail, the tornados and rain. Well done I say!!

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Victorian Festival and a weekend in Dunedin

Last weekend we took advantage of the Public Holiday to head off to Dunedin. This weekend always coincides with The Oamaru Victorian Fete. A great chance to roll out the costumes we made several years ago. (I know my costume is the wrong era but it is a costume I have so not point making another one).

In the gardens at Riverstone Kitchen

Not only were over half the people attending in costume, but Oamaru claims itself to be the Steam Punk capital of the world with Steam Punk HQ an amazing place to visit. So not only were there people properly dressed in Period Wear but there were amazing twists with the steam punk theme. A lady in a wheelchair had converted her whole chair into Steam Punk, with fake smoke coming out. It was fantastic.

Some of the crowd and the can can girls.
We spent the weekend with my sister and had a great walk down to Tunnel Beach in Dunedin. I was very worried about getting up the hill. But Aaron used that umbrella to tow me up. Could not have done it without him. Super Man!!
took a bit longer than that

The top of the tunnel

When we were there we found my niece's name carved in the sandstone from years ago. The boys spent a lot of time carving their names in too. 

The first night in Dunedin was spent at the brand new Distinction Hotel in Dunedin. The boys really enjoyed being posh. Within five minutes of being in the room they had the dressing gowns and slippers on and were clicking their fingers for service!!

A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....