Monday, May 15, 2017

Not your normal Mother's Day

For Mother's Day this year I asked to tramp with the boys. Not a request I would ever have done in the past. I never thought walking / hiking / tramping would ever be something I could do or enjoy again. It is hard to explain. I am exhausted at the end and often feel totally overdone. But in a "not fit" great way. Rather than in a medical emergency way that was occurring.

The rest breaks on the way there looked good.
We walked into Anti Crow Hut. Which is the weirdest name ever!! But there is an Anti Crow stream right near it.
I was shattered by the time I got there. A lot due to the mental thought of having to do it all in reverse and being time pressured with the short winter day. 
Arthurs Pass Tramping
The hut in the background
When we were half an hour short of the hut Aaron and Eli raced ahead to boil the billy and give us some hot food. We worked out the break could only be half an hour, this was a great idea as we got hot good food, which gave me some fuel for the return and made me feel amazingly more positive. I am learning a different tramping. As before I could just keep going. Now I have to have breaks, food, rest. So I need to adjust to new expectations.
Not a great photo but the return rest breaks were quite funny. Hard to get up from and thrilled to collapse when we finally took a stop.

Loved loved loved it.


  1. as a fellow keen tramper I cannot think of a better way to spend the day. I also went tramping, not with my kids but with friends. I like your last photo.........................

  2. Gosh sounds like a lovely way to spend your sunday! We were thinking of doing more of these, but considering my local 1 hr bush walk had me spent, I reckon I really need to work my way up to them ;)


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