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Tidying the vege garden for winter

We have been having better weather for autumn than we did in summer. The winter growth on the brassica's is a bit stringy because of it. Today I acknowledged that winter is on the way and started getting into the vege garden to compost and feed the winter over plants, finish doing my cover crops and punnet up seedlings etc for my sisters new 20 acre property.

The garden is a bit daunting at this time when there is so much to do but small bites of 1 1/2 hours makes a significant difference. Soon I will have to look at the flower garden and trees but at the moment I am just thinking of food!!!!

ANZAC day lunch

The boys and Aaron went to the Kaiapoi ANZAC day representing Kaiapoi North School. I stayed and home and had the TV on channel one following the various services around NZ and prepared a family roast. So we have Paul, Susannah, the girls, Colleen and maybe Caleb coming. We are having: Roast Lamb (with garlic and rosemary)Mint sauceRoast Beef (with a spice covering)\Gravy - lots of itGlazed carrots - Jamie Oliver 30 min meals version with thyme, honey and oilBraised red cabbage - Annabel Langbein from her first TV series - with currantsFresh cherry tomatoes from the gardenRoast potatoes with salt and garlic - lots of them!!!On such a lovely day - all outside and relaxing.

Another finished quilt

Well this quilt has been through the "I love it" then "no not me" then "it's OK" then "yep it is good". So I hope the the orphan at Hope Homes who receives this will like it.
Spencer and Eli this morning loved it. Before school they put it on the floor and lay on it to watch TV. (they normally do not get TV before school but they had done all their jobs, had a hot chocolate and were being good).
I am really pleased that some of these quilts are getting finished. We had done a few tops but not batted and quilted them.

Back to school baking

Well tomorrow it is back to school. Eli has been talking quite a lot about his school trip to Ferrymead where they went "back to the sixties". It is on his classroom blog - here. As part of the day they looked at food and made lolly cake. He saw some at a cafe and that reminded him. So off we went to the supermarket to get all the things we needed. Apparently it is his favourite food.
So we then also had to make Jakob's favourite food - chocolate brownies. The recipe I use is just melt it all in a pot and bake. I am so into recipes like this. I made it at 9.30pm last night but it only takes 5 minutes at the most. Fantastic.

Homemade skate park

The boys have spent the last few days cutting a big box apart and making a skate park for their miniature skate boards. The big argument when making it was on the amount of graffiti. Eli was drawing graffiti all over it as he said that is what skate parks are like. Jakob was not happy at all - he saw it as defacing his park. Anyway a myriad of jumps and lots of drawing later. (they even have a car parking area)
They have been playing on it  heaps and have found that if they put glue on their fingers the the boards stick better to do the jumps and ramps.

Awesome Mount Cook

We had such an amazing time at Mt Cook last year that we went for longer this time. On the way we stayed at the Lake Tekapo camping ground in a standard cabin. I have to say that it was a very expensive standard cabin! Poor tourists.
Then we went on to Mt Cook on Saturday and had two nights at the fabulous Hermitage. We stayed in the motels where the boys had their own room (yeah - some relief from their noise!) and we had the amazing complimentary buffet breakfast looking down the valley to Mt Cook itself.

The weather was amazing and so we completed or semi completed some walks. The boys love walking on the Moraine's - they look like adventurers against the skyline. Unfortunately I did not manage so well. I am noticing my deteriorating heart a lot more when in the outdoors. But this did not detract from our fabulous few days.
On Monday Aaron tramped up to the Mueller Hut and then on to Mt Olliver. He stayed the night at the hut. His photos are amazing.

The cool thing was that the…

Skate Jam - Kaiapoi School Holidays

Yesterday was another rise up Kaiapoi event. This time for the kids in the school holidays. Due to earthquakes Kaiapoi has lost both it's BMX track and skate park area. We used to use both of those quite a lot.
So yesterday Cheapskates put on the free event in the New World Kaiapoi car park.
Thank you New World and Cheapskates, it was awesome.
It was heaving with people from 2 - 19 years old. They had a trick competition in the middle that was fun to watch. I don't know how the kids didn't all crash into each other - but they all enjoyed it.