Friday, April 13, 2012

Skate Jam - Kaiapoi School Holidays

What a huge turnout.
Yesterday was another rise up Kaiapoi event. This time for the kids in the school holidays. Due to earthquakes Kaiapoi has lost both it's BMX track and skate park area. We used to use both of those quite a lot.
So yesterday Cheapskates put on the free event in the New World Kaiapoi car park.
Thank you New World and Cheapskates, it was awesome.
It was heaving with people from 2 - 19 years old. They had a trick competition in the middle that was fun to watch. I don't know how the kids didn't all crash into each other - but they all enjoyed it.

Jakob (on left) watching people jump the ramp

Eli giving the ramp a go. He was the first person to do a full faceplant off  the ramp. An impressive sight!!! He did not cry but said that he really wanted to.

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