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Goodies on the washing line

I managed to get in a little stop at an Op Shop the other day (thrift shop for some of you). I found some 60's and 70's sheets for just $2 each. The pink flowery one was a double and brand new, from someone cleaning out a house I presume. It was all starched and stiff. I have great dreams of using these for pretty tea dresses. Still haven't made the other sheets into anything so we will see.....

The best cyclone ever

We headed to Fiji under threat of a cyclone, I am so into holidaying in a cyclone!! 33 deg Celsius every day. Amazing place to stay. Got seriously caught out with the heat and Sun though. A day trip out to an island and swimming in the sea all day has left me feeling like the worst parent ever. The boys got serious sunburn on their shoulders. For the first time ever I am more than looking forward to a day of rain

A finish - upcycling via the sewing table

Yay, I started and finished something in the same day. A hat. Just in time to head off to Fiji.
I have been meaning to make another hat for summer and think about it often (the last three summers!!). So finally realising my hat was in the caravan and I needed to pack for the tropics, I pulled out an old linen shirt and started cutting.
I used McCalls 2163 with a huge amount of adaption. I quilted the top of the head piece and the brim. Made the brim wider, did not follow their instructions - all the typical behaviour of someone who does not want to be told what to do!!
I am so thrilled with it that I have already pulled out an another linen shirt - in black - and have cut out a new one already. More alterations than before. So there will be another update (soon I hope).

Now on to finishing all those headbands for Christmas.....
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