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I should have finished ... but instead I started

Well I was away on my quilting retreat. Blissful five days. Ahhh......

I should have finished heaps of things. I did finish some but then got fed up with doing what I should do and not doing what I wanted to do.

So I started
A paper pieced really large star. I am thrilled with it. I got the idea from someone who blogged about an absolutely enormous star that completed made a huge quilt. This will have to have a lot of piecing around it. So you will see it over the next wee while as I go about finishing it.(Did I say that finish word??? Wow remarkable)

A new quilt for our bed. I was trying to make it "manly" so Aaron would be happy sleeping under it and so far he does not like it!!

A million half square triangles to iron and trim!!!
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a baking holiday

Well these holidays I have been concentrating on keeping the kids in the new routine of them both baking once a week and helping with making an evening meal.

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Boys Basketball Birthday Cake

I have done it!!! Wow this is a lot of firsts for me. First time I have made buttercream icing. First time that I have used piping and chocolate for decoration and first time that I have tried to make a modern fondant cake.

I had gone to a cupcake icing class at the Make Cafe and loved it. But the buttercream icing was already made and it helped me feel confident with fondant for little things. But this was a big thing.

My friend Steff has been so incredibly helpful and if it was not for her I do not know how it would have turned out. She gave me a recipe for the icing and let me use her food colouring gels. Also gave me instruction on how to make the orange look dark enough for the right basketball colour. Also little tips on making grooves for the chocolate stripes. She gave me the confidence to go ahead and I have to say that it was heaps easier than I expected.

It is not perfect but I am thrilled!!

I have previously made cakes but just with normal icing or following my Mother-in-…


What do you get when you advertise a Lego collection and show? A - thousands of kids!! Lots of noise. Queues out the door to the carpark. Amazing!! Jakob was in a state of bliss as this was his one event that he wanted to attend at kidsfest. We spent 3.5 hours there and I am sure he would have spent longer if he could.

Thankfully the boys have spent a lot of time outdoors too. They have climbed everything they could find these holidays.

A chicken prison and a hut

Funny title huh. But I cannot think of any other way of describing my chicken run at the moment. Today has been the fifth time in about 6 weeks that I have put more work into the chook enclosure to try and keep the sparrows out.

We have never had any problem with sparrows but somehow this winter we have flocks of them and up to 60 sparrows in the chicken run getting their food. Not only is that expensive for us but I am worried about any disease they may pass as that many sparrows make a lot of poo!!!

They are horrendous pests. But so far today after all my hammering I have only seen two sparrows in the chook run. My work is not pretty!!! I have chicken netting over large netting with ties here and there and bird netting all over the top. So I wait to see how effective this has been........

While I was busy working on the chook run the boys spent ages making a "motel" on the deck. In the motel they had an infirmary and one bear had a sore head (ha ha ha) and the other a sore …

A fantastic walk

We were lucky enough to be able to accompany Aaron on a work trip in the first week of the holidays. Destination Nelson.

One of the main reasons for going was to see my parents in Motueka. My mother has been very unwell over the last six months and it was great to see her getting better.

Eli had a cold so we did not want him going near my mother. The answer to that was to spend the day outside. So we walked around the estuary at Port Motueka. A gorgeous walk and really interesting. Just a slight deviation from the circuit is the lovely Toad Hall - a favourite eating spot for us. Fantastic for kids with all the outdoor play area.

We had a great day and nearly five hours outdoors walking, eating and exploring.

Lucky Me

Last month I joined in a link up with Tartankiwi in a winter link up for Matariki.
The awesome thing is that just for linking up I won a gift. It arrived in the post yesterday.
The prize was donated by Nin who made the gorgeous handwarmers (which Jakob promptly claimed) and pin cushion (Eli said he needs it now he is sewing) and I got to keep the magazine. I will enjoy that on our holiday travels.
Nin is a very busy lady doing Sailor Spy and Make life beautiful
Thanks so much for the gift.

A purse that turns into a bag

Now this is an idea that I have been wanting to try for ages. Somehow from start to finish this took me three weeks. Pure procrastination (and the first time I put the zip in it was the wrong way around!!).

I found the idea and amazing tutorial here.Sew Mama Sew is a blog I follow. Though in the tutorial the bag was lined, I would love to line it but I fail to see how it would fit when zipped up. So I used the top stripe to make a neat inside finish and cover the seams.

This is made from two women's shirts - a 100% cotton stripe shirt and a 100% linen shirt (picked up in a "fill a bag for $5). The zips are also recycled from articles I have picked up.

I now have a list of how I would change it in the future.
1) put a tab and D ring on so that I could attach my keys and use it by itself.
2) make the bottom of the bag a bit more square which may give it a better look when zipped up
3) the second had zip is hard to zip up. Aaron suggested using a chunkier zip and maybe not sewi…


Winter is well and truly upon us. For Mothers Day I was given a long arm pruner. Eli was the one who worked out how to use it. It was so much easier as a two man job and a million times better than trying to struggle with a ladder as we have previously.

Eli was super helpful as he was a bit bored outside and has been really enjoying using my various gadgets. He is thrilled with the sewing machine and spent 2 hours with me doing the pruning. I am loving working with him. Even though it is winter we have still been getting some walks in. My Mother in law came with us on a Sunday afternoon walk. We went around the reopened (post earthquake fixed) Godley Heads Track. The bad winter weather had wrecked havoc with the $0.5million upgrade but it was still a good 8km walk. ( I only did about 6km of it as it was not such a good day for me).
There were some seriously big mud slides that were quite dangerous as it was just cliff on the other side. Eli lost his shoe in the mud.  Walking in Hanm…

14th Anniversary

Aaron and I have just come back from a weekend celebrating our 14th Wedding Anniversary. We had a whole weekend away at the Heritage at Hanmer Springs. I was given a pamper voucher for some work I had done, so we used that and added another day.

The weather was  fantastic, the massage sublime, the mulled wine at the restaurant in the hotel was so awesome that we had it both nights. Sigh - we did not get snowed in!

We are older and wiser (well I was already old and wise when I married Aaron!! - Aaron has finally aged a bit!!) and I still love him to bits. (thought I also loved Fred the clydesdale that we went in a buggy ride with).

Having a winter wedding was amazing - we got married on the wettest day in Christchurch in 25 years. But it has meant some gorgeous winter anniversaries.

Thanks to all the relatives who looked after the dog and the kids. Now back to reality.