Friday, July 26, 2013

Boys Basketball Birthday Cake

basketball cake
The basketball cake

I have done it!!! Wow this is a lot of firsts for me. First time I have made buttercream icing. First time that I have used piping and chocolate for decoration and first time that I have tried to make a modern fondant cake.

I had gone to a cupcake icing class at the Make Cafe and loved it. But the buttercream icing was already made and it helped me feel confident with fondant for little things. But this was a big thing.

The cake vs the real ball

My friend Steff has been so incredibly helpful and if it was not for her I do not know how it would have turned out. She gave me a recipe for the icing and let me use her food colouring gels. Also gave me instruction on how to make the orange look dark enough for the right basketball colour. Also little tips on making grooves for the chocolate stripes. She gave me the confidence to go ahead and I have to say that it was heaps easier than I expected.

It is not perfect but I am thrilled!!

I have previously made cakes but just with normal icing or following my Mother-in-laws system of royal icing etc. So there has been aeroplane cakes, treasure chest cakes, lego cakes.

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  1. Great Job on your cake


    Creative Raisins

  2. well done you should feel really pleased it looks great!

  3. Good for you Karen. That looks great!

    Anne xx

  4. well done you! it looks fantastic and you should be proud!

  5. Looks fantastic Karen, well done!


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