Monday, July 15, 2013


 Winter is well and truly upon us. For Mothers Day I was given a long arm pruner. Eli was the one who worked out how to use it. It was so much easier as a two man job and a million times better than trying to struggle with a ladder as we have previously.

Eli was super helpful as he was a bit bored outside and has been really enjoying using my various gadgets. He is thrilled with the sewing machine and spent 2 hours with me doing the pruning. I am loving working with him.
Even though it is winter we have still been getting some walks in. My Mother in law came with us on a Sunday afternoon walk. We went around the reopened (post earthquake fixed) Godley Heads Track. The bad winter weather had wrecked havoc with the $0.5million upgrade but it was still a good 8km walk. ( I only did about 6km of it as it was not such a good day for me).

There were some seriously big mud slides that were quite dangerous as it was just cliff on the other side. Eli lost his shoe in the mud. 

Walking in Hanmer Springs - we had a great day and walked around Dog Stream - 5km for the day 
We made the most of the cooler weather to do a 5km walk around the headland at Kaikoura. I was not sure how I would go, but once at the top I felt ok, so kept going and managed to make it around. Aaron needed more exercise so he ran back and collected the car and came and picked us up on the other side.

I love the family time, even with the grumbles sometimes. We have been telling the boys not to grumble that they have to look at it as keeping mum healthy and well. I can't walk well in the summer with my heart now but winter walking has been a bonus so we have been doing as much as we can.

Hope you are all finding the good in these cold winter days.

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  1. I'm sure despite the grumbling, your boys will look back on these walks fondly in years to come :)


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