Saturday, July 6, 2013

Yes I paint

From this

To this
A close up of the weird texture of the wall

For those of you that know me well - It is a very well known fact that whenever Aaron travels for work I paint!! Now I am not talking about lovely pictures for relaxing and craft. I am talking about remodeling. Whenever I was pregnant and Aaron was working overseas he would give me strict instructions NOT TO PAINT. I struggled. All my lovely extended family once came to my rescue as they knew I wanted the soon to be baby room, repainted and they were worried I would do it - so they all came and did it for me!! How fantastic a family I married into.

Anyway. This time the painting was a lot smaller than I had planned. I had the paint etc ready to go for Aaron's next trip. So on Thursday at 2pm when he found out he was on a plane at 4pm I started planning!! I had forgotten some vital things for the repainting of the windowsills and door surrounds so had to flag that, but I did get the feature wall behind the fireplace done.

The rusty colour was very worn and ragged and very tired. But it was a stucco finish so when I repainted it a paler colour the blemishes do show. As we got new carpet and painted the walls in December last year this and the window surround are the last thing to do before getting new curtains. Wow may actually get it finished!!!

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  1. It looks so great now! Great paint!

  2. Yay - looking clean and fresh.

  3. I agree, it looks lovely and you love walking past that wall at the moment! I also tend to paint while Mikes away or if its not that I'm sewing alot! or changing up something :)


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