Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Easy Orange Cake - egg and dairy free

Well this is a first for me. I am on blogging someone else post. Well done Anne for this recipe. Click on the link to take you to her recipe and blog. This is egg and dairy free , which all my nieces are and I am always trying to find food they can eat that is different. I also think that with lowering the oven a tiny bit and changing the oil that it might be OK for Kerryn (minus the buttercream icing)  Domesblissity: Easy Orange Cake:  Egg free, Dairy Free, Orange cake

I am only linking back to the lovely Anne and her blog post


  1. Oh Karen! I'm sitting here with a big smile on my face after just reading your comment. Thank you so much. You made my day. Very happy to share what I know and if helps some out, I'm happy.

    Anne xx

  2. YUM!! That looks incredible! I have a lot of food allergies, so i'll have to check out the recipe, thanks!! :)

  3. Looking at this has started my mouth watering!!


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