Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Finished to give away

This afternoon I got to the Post Shop just before it was closing. The photo is quite dark but I love the purple boots I made for my Mother. The day I did the dyeing of wool blankets I then drove on to their place. My Mother chose the colour she wanted for boots, the inside lining is actually material she gave me years ago when she was clearing out her stash. So I thought it great to put that in. 

The cushion is going to our school library. I gave them three others that used the scraps like this, but had black with white dot background. The Librarian came to see me especially to say thanks and my son said the kids were fighting over them. So I washed and pressed this cover, got a inner from the Op Shop (Charity Shop). 

I have started my study and getting stressed about the load and what I have committed too. So to be able to do some craft to de stress and cushions are good little projects to get finished and feel that I have achieved.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Poncho - Upcycled from woolen blanket

When I dyed all the woolen blankets I specifically did some for my niece. I had talked to her about whether she would wear a poncho or not. She said she would but not pink or purple. Preferably something dark. So I dyed four pieces in brown.

I was going to just turn the neck over so it had a pointed end to look like a kerchief. But lots of people are wearing funnel necks at the moment and so I used the trimmings to make a fully lined funnel neck. Dunedin is cold so she can use it almost like a hood too. All seams are stitched flat down but the bottom is just blanket stitched in dark brown wool.

I am loving wearing it!! It is snowing today, though keeps melting in between the snow showers. Serious cold and this makes you toasty warm.

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Monday, July 10, 2017

Boots, boots and more boots.

Here is my gorgeous line up of boot slippers. Made from woolen blankets, Dyed during a day at Stash Palace (an amazing place run by Jane Van Kuelen). 
Left to right: Aaron's boots - the first pair I made on a sewing day with my sister, Eli's boots - the last pair made as he has slippers already, My boots - well this is the second I made for myself (Aaron's pair were made for me but were just too big), Jakob's boots - I love that they still have the edge of the blanket and the blanket label. 

Here we are all modelling our boots (cant get that teenager to model his). Eli as usual tries his magazine model look, Aaron hard at work, Me relaxing by the fire. I have to say it is a productive fire - warming my toes, sprouting the mung bean and lentils as well as rising the bread.
I love that I managed to leave the blanket label on and the edging of the blanket. All these boots have leather soles as I got a bag of leather from the dump shop for $2 - stoked! The inside of Jakob and my boots have scraps from our dressing gowns, Eli wanted his (now too small) Star Wars PJ's on the inside of his and Aaron has a material that my mother had in her stash and gave to me years ago.
This is the scene of our lounge yesterday. We all hung around the fire in the early evening. Eli folding washing, Jakob was cooking dinner, Aaron reading / snoozing, Morris photo bombing as usual and I was sandwiching a quilt together for Hope Homes International.
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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Garden refresh.. Another area finished

Last year my son decided he wanted a vege garden. So one weekend we put in edging and compost and planted. He got to about week six and gave up interest. But once the broccoli finished I planted beans and tomatoes. A great crop as it is very sunny. However it is right by the basketball hoop and things just got squashed all the time.  
So time to start again with something hardy. Completely cleared it out.
Now it has a two different types of flaxes that will take the basketball hammering coming their way. Then there are two smaller trees, which when grown will be lovely flowering NZ Native - Kanuka. I also chose the Kanuka and flax as Aaron created a native garden further down this fence using the some of these plants. Hopefully it will all tie in together. Not that you will see it much as the woodpile in in between. The only plant I left in was the clump on the left as it is a gorgeous summer bulb from South Africa. I broke some off and planted it on the very far right of the bed, just to create a cohesive look.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Finished - Lace weight merino scarf

Third time lucky. Having already unpicked it twice I finally finished this. I love love the colour. But am considering unpicking it again!! The pattern works the knitting is great but it curls at each side. If I did re knit it I would do five stitches of garter stitch each end. I have worn it since the day I finished it. I will press it again and give it some time. But ....

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A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....