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I love to cook and years ago when I was young and did my OE I completed a Cordon Blue certificate at the Cordon Blue Cookery School in London. I have remained passionate about cooking ever since. Some recipes are my own or adapted and some are just ones our family enjoy. Click on the recipe name to get you to the "how to".

My own recipes

Mixed Berry Jam This is a lovely tasty jam. Completely my recipe as I had bits of all sorts of summer berries left at the end of the season. You can change the quantities of the different fruit depending on what you have. But you do need to have a few currants (red or black) as they are what set this jam.
Feijoacello. An alcoholic drink like lemoncello. I have no idea what to call it so as I used the basis of a lemoncello recipe that is the name. Drinking this is pure fejoa taste, so if you like the fruit you will love this.
Feijoa and Ginger Jam. This is more like a conserve. Chunky fruit with a hint of ginger and lemon to try to cut through some of the sweetness of the jam.
Karen's saucy pudding. This is a cross between butterscotch and something else. It was yummy but quite sweet.
Raspberry Jam

Gooseberry Jam

Dairy Free Spiced Apple Cake

Rachel Allen, Chocolate Mousse Cake
Hokey Pokey Biscuits
Berry Sorbet and Real Fruit ice cream

Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Pots

The best ice cream recipe.


Annabel Langbein fruit tart and easy pastry
So easy yummy muffins

Barry's Brilliant beetroot
recipe, Banh Mi Burger
Annabel Langbein - Banh Mi Burgers
Red Velvet Cupcakes

Real raspberries lamington cake
sweet pastry
Fresh fruit tart
Spiced Chai Cookies

Jamie Oliver - Vege Couscous
English Muffins - This is a family favourite and I have been making these for years. Fantastic for breakfast or lunch or for a winter day as a snack with friends. You can make this on the BBQ if you are doing a lot and having people around. Just watch the temperature of the BBQ.
Ginger Gems
Egg free, Dairy Free, Orange cake 
Egg and Dairy free orange cake from Domesblissity

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