Wednesday, April 19, 2017

19 year remembrance tramp

19 years ago (almost to the week) my husband and I met on a Tramping track in NZ. Into Lake Daniels on the Lewis Pass.

Now we have two kids in tow, we are older, tireder, but also re-energised with new life happening again. Nope - not babies - but a new heart means the life we had then, we can start having again. Out and about in nature, tramping into overnight huts and enjoying the great outdoors.

 What was new 19 years ago is new again, almost as fresh. Almost even more exciting. Back then we had no idea what was to come but now we know what we have to look forward to as we create a new way of living with the new lease of life I have been given.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Easter gifts for friends and teachers

One day of school left before the holidays so baked two types of muffins, added buttercream and some Easter eggs. A wee treat for some friend and teachers.

I am waiting with bated breath to see how the weather will pan out for Easter. This tropical cyclone is certainly wet. We had planned my first overnight tramp and I will be gutted not to be able to do it.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A few things

Making yummy apple turnovers with our Peasgood nunsuch apples.

A flat walk
Up the hill behind our friend farm - Pons Mountain. Amazing to be climbing up.

Last of the summer swims at the Pons place. A night camping and relaxing and freezing cold autumn water.
Up Mt Thomas at last. A huge day for me. On the mountain top, never thought it would happen again. Thanks to heart surgery (though completely underestimated the amount of time!!)

My night in shining armour. He had to shoot up the hill with some head torches as I had taken the long way up and not gotten timing right.

Going down the fast way. Hmm sore knees

Absolutely rejoicing at becoming an outdoors girl again. Never thought I would ever be able to do these things. I cannot describe in words how it changes my life.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A 1970's Chair makeover

1970's Chrome
I am thrilled with my latest effort, although frustrated at some of the mistakes I made.
I had the fabric lined up correctly on the seat so the dogs would go in the same direction on the seat as the seat back. For some reason I thought the seat went on the chair the other way around and so at the last minute I turned it. By the time I realised my mistake I had trimmed excess material and fully stapled the seat. I am just not pedantic enough to undo it and start again.

I bought the chair for $1 as the back was broken and there is bits of rust on the chrome. I used a technique I had seen on one of the many upcycle TV shows I watch, and the chrome improved beyond my wildest expectation. I am proud of myself for the "fixing" I am now managing to do. I wished I had taken more process shots as I took all the coverings off and managed to stabilize the chair back to the strength it would have been.  
The chrome tacks on the back of the chair were quite difficult to do. The previous taking had destroyed the integrity of the chair back, so I had to change the position of them. My poor thumb was bruised and sore for a couple of days.

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Change in depth of field

In photography the talk about "depth of field" is constant. It really refers to the area you wish to focus on and how wide or close that focus is. Lately my depth of field has been too close and I find it has taken some of the joy away. This photo is of a garden bed that we have found an insidious weed in. My husband has been working so hard on removing it as he knows it stresses me.

But when you look at the garden by standing back and expand the depth of field, it is a lovely garden. But I had lost the focus and just saw all the areas that I have not dealt with, focusing on the negative not the positive.
Focusing on the weeding, the dock and greeblies in the lawn, the rampant items and not the flowers, fruit and overall pleasure. I have been doing that with the house too. What needs to be done, cleaning etc, instead of enjoying the space.
Aaron has an area to relax and we have a lovely deck and great vege garden. But all I had thought of is what was not planted and weeded rather than enjoying what has been.
Peasgood nonsuch apples
Fabulous Feijoas
It has affected my craft as somehow I see the crafting as work, rather than pleasure again. Maybe making list of what I need to do is not good. I need to pick up and do something that I want to do.
I want to focus on being fit and healthy after my Operations but feel that the everyday and mundane somehow take over and don't allow that time.
I saw an article about the best hot cross buns in NZ - My kids still think mine are the best!!!

A gorgeous break in Rarotonga

Woo hoo, A holiday with no kids for 11 days. Bliss, relaxing and warm! BTW it was an early 20th wedding anniversary present to ourselves....