Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A few things

Making yummy apple turnovers with our Peasgood nunsuch apples.

A flat walk
Up the hill behind our friend farm - Pons Mountain. Amazing to be climbing up.

Last of the summer swims at the Pons place. A night camping and relaxing and freezing cold autumn water.
Up Mt Thomas at last. A huge day for me. On the mountain top, never thought it would happen again. Thanks to heart surgery (though completely underestimated the amount of time!!)

My night in shining armour. He had to shoot up the hill with some head torches as I had taken the long way up and not gotten timing right.

Going down the fast way. Hmm sore knees

Absolutely rejoicing at becoming an outdoors girl again. Never thought I would ever be able to do these things. I cannot describe in words how it changes my life.

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  1. A wonderful achievement, well done. I don't think I could do that and I haven't had surgery, it's wonderful to hear it has been so successful. Love the pics.


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