Thursday, April 6, 2017

A 1970's Chair makeover

1970's Chrome
I am thrilled with my latest effort, although frustrated at some of the mistakes I made.
I had the fabric lined up correctly on the seat so the dogs would go in the same direction on the seat as the seat back. For some reason I thought the seat went on the chair the other way around and so at the last minute I turned it. By the time I realised my mistake I had trimmed excess material and fully stapled the seat. I am just not pedantic enough to undo it and start again.

I bought the chair for $1 as the back was broken and there is bits of rust on the chrome. I used a technique I had seen on one of the many upcycle TV shows I watch, and the chrome improved beyond my wildest expectation. I am proud of myself for the "fixing" I am now managing to do. I wished I had taken more process shots as I took all the coverings off and managed to stabilize the chair back to the strength it would have been.  
The chrome tacks on the back of the chair were quite difficult to do. The previous taking had destroyed the integrity of the chair back, so I had to change the position of them. My poor thumb was bruised and sore for a couple of days.

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  1. Awesome! Looks fabulously funky!

  2. P.S just realised you have changed the look of your blog!

    1. What do you think? I am trying one of their new templates that is meant to be better for mobile phones, but still a bit unsure.

  3. Quite an accomplishment ... looks so pretty and useful now ... :) Pat

  4. That chair looks much more 50's or early 60's to me.
    Awesome job! Love the doggies.


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