Saturday, April 1, 2017

Change in depth of field

In photography the talk about "depth of field" is constant. It really refers to the area you wish to focus on and how wide or close that focus is. Lately my depth of field has been too close and I find it has taken some of the joy away. This photo is of a garden bed that we have found an insidious weed in. My husband has been working so hard on removing it as he knows it stresses me.

But when you look at the garden by standing back and expand the depth of field, it is a lovely garden. But I had lost the focus and just saw all the areas that I have not dealt with, focusing on the negative not the positive.
Focusing on the weeding, the dock and greeblies in the lawn, the rampant items and not the flowers, fruit and overall pleasure. I have been doing that with the house too. What needs to be done, cleaning etc, instead of enjoying the space.
Aaron has an area to relax and we have a lovely deck and great vege garden. But all I had thought of is what was not planted and weeded rather than enjoying what has been.
Peasgood nonsuch apples
Fabulous Feijoas
It has affected my craft as somehow I see the crafting as work, rather than pleasure again. Maybe making list of what I need to do is not good. I need to pick up and do something that I want to do.
I want to focus on being fit and healthy after my Operations but feel that the everyday and mundane somehow take over and don't allow that time.
I saw an article about the best hot cross buns in NZ - My kids still think mine are the best!!!

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  1. I am guilty of this as well. Today though, on my day off, I had a get shite done day and I feel so much better. My laundry bin is empty, my Mums internet and phone are fixed and my oven and house are clean. Equilibrium is restored!


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