Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A chicken prison and a hut

Funny title huh. But I cannot think of any other way of describing my chicken run at the moment. Today has been the fifth time in about 6 weeks that I have put more work into the chook enclosure to try and keep the sparrows out.

We have never had any problem with sparrows but somehow this winter we have flocks of them and up to 60 sparrows in the chicken run getting their food. Not only is that expensive for us but I am worried about any disease they may pass as that many sparrows make a lot of poo!!!

They are horrendous pests. But so far today after all my hammering I have only seen two sparrows in the chook run. My work is not pretty!!! I have chicken netting over large netting with ties here and there and bird netting all over the top. So I wait to see how effective this has been........

While I was busy working on the chook run the boys spent ages making a "motel" on the deck. In the motel they had an infirmary and one bear had a sore head (ha ha ha) and the other a sore leg, all fixed with the ties from dressing gowns.

Now that the outside time is over I am sitting here eating scrummy old fashioned doughnuts.
the motel

The infirmary portion of the motel

The kitchen and second bedroom

My mothers doughnut recipe

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  1. Hi Di hi
    Have you heard of Grandpa's Chook Feeder ? A New Zealand invention. Get one of those and the sparrows won't get a look in. Easier than trying to sparrow proof the run.
    We decided to get a bird feeder but had to take it down because the sparrows just dominated it. They were so wasteful too.


    1. Hi Linda, thanks for that. My sister bought one as she is having the same sparrow issues. But the birds just have not got the hang of how to use it. The recommended training system has not worked. We might just take the self feeder out and go back to feeding the chooks once a day. Thanks for the info though.

  2. Well that's a lot of construction going on - chicken coops - animal hospitals !!!
    Good luck :)
    Maybe you should open a cafe too - those donuts look amazing!

  3. Donuts looks yummy and motel is fun. The bears got some good treatment. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog.


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