Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sewing Kit for my son

Well with Eli being really excited about quilting and using the sewing machine, I knew what he needed for his birthday. He had asked me to make a lanyard like the one I use with my snips on the end. So I have sewed him a little boxed zip pouch with his name on it. I used the material that he used on his quilt.

Then I sewed a Lanyard out of the same material and just made it shorter than mine. Added a pin cushion and pins, a tape measure, quick unpick and it is now all wrapped up for his birthday.

box zip pouchEli has never particularly focussed on his birthday but this year he has been counting down since 61 days before. So I had to add a photo of his countdown. I am a bit worried that his birthday will not live up to his expectations. So I am planning lots of little envelopes to appear on the hour with different things to do next (like a sort of day long treasure hunt).

In later years I will not be able to post before a birthday. But thankfully at the moment he does not read my blog unless I open it for him!

I link to these places and Finish it up Friday

The countdown calendar
July Finishes


  1. What a lovely birthday present! It looks great and I hope Eli has a brilliant day!

  2. What a great idea for a boy. I think my son will need one of those when he's a little older. I think every boy should be able to sew.

    Anne xx

    1. Thanks Anne, I am determind that when my boys leave home they can cook, clean and at least mend their clothes etc. Jakob is doing a main meal a fortnight with me and Eli is learning to sew. Thank fully they are both good at the cleaning but still need a bribe to do it!!

  3. What a neat idea! Looks awesome.

  4. What a great idea! He's going to be so wrapped!

  5. Great gift, I'm certain he will make good use of it, its so awesome that he shows an interest in quilting! High five, lol.
    Thanks for linking up to 'Anything Goes'

  6. Thats a great gift! especially when he has shown such enthusiasm for sewing :)) And I love the idea of the treasure hunt during the day!

  7. I love the birthday countdown calendar! And the birthday gift you've made for Eli is so nice! I'm sure he'll love it and will look back on learning to quilt with you and have very fond memories. I really enjoyed reading this post and seeing the fun treasures you've created! Congrats on a great finish!

    xo -E


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