Saturday, May 27, 2017

Another charity quilt finished

Charity quilt
This quilt has taken so long to get done. I get inspired, then life takes over, get re-inspired and life takes over again. I am still up and down on days with energy or not and this probably has a bit to do with it. I have also been made redundant effective next week, which is a roller coaster ride, even though it is a positive move for me.
The quilt is made entirely from donated material and the back is very apt as it is bright material with stylised children all over it. This was just a case of sewing all the odd strips of material I had, once I had put them in piles of similar sizes, then adding row after row. 
I have been wanting to get better at actual quilting for ages. Often  by the time I get to quilting I am a bit over it and just want to get it finished. But this time I used it as a practise for feather style quilting. I feel it is still a big messy but it was getting better by the time I go to the 

So Hope Homes - here comes another quilt for an orphan.


  1. Good for you! quilting is one of those things that does take practice, so keep going.

  2. What a nice quilt for such a nice cause! I'm so sorry about your job, hope things get better for you soon.

  3. Great quilt! I love using all those bits and pieces, too, and donated quilts just make me happy!


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