Saturday, July 19, 2014

Refashion - Now a merino tunic

Over the last week I have been working on this Merino tunic. I was inspired by a blog I follow "Sew outside the lines" and especially all her refashions of jersey's into tunics - look at the one in the bottom of this post.
Jodi used to call her blog "Re-inventing fashion" and that was when I started following. I would love to attend one of her workshops and keep asking why does she not come to NZ?!!

Anyway - after looking at lots of her photos and trying to work out how she does it, this is what I ended up with. Not like hers at all as I have left it opening rather than pull on. Also I cannot quite work out how she uses the sleeves etc, but I know she does.
The cowl restitched on the neck

The back

This is in aim to be warmer at work. If I am out talking the the guys on the floor it is open to the elements and freezing. I want to have a woolen garment that I can use as another layer over anything I am wearing. So black was the choice.

This jersey was given to me by my friend Susan when we visited her in Kerikeri last time. It had a huge cowl neck that in the end was just too big for me, but ended up being a fantastic collar on this and also cut for extra pieces down the front.

Adding the sleeves into the body created some funny shapes around the bottom of the article, some of it I have left as it is quirky, some I have turned into a more straight diagonal look.
The cowl used to tidy up the front bottom
Pretty happy with my first attempt. It will live at work and keep me warm.

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