Thursday, November 10, 2016

Refashion - summer hat from linen shirt

This hat pattern I have made before out of natural linen and I wear it all the time. I had a black linen shirt and knew I wanted a black hat with polka dots. It was actually quite tricky getting enough material for a hat, due to curves, from the shirt - but I did it. I do think I am going to have to put a thin red ribbon around the seam between the crown and brim just to spark it to life a bit.

I was taking new photos as I just could not get the photo of me edited right. Eli saw me and volunteered to model. Although the linen was black someone said to me "you have made a green hat". Sure enough in direct light it has a greenish tinge somehow, I am a bit gutted by that.

Really pleased with the hat. This is now my third one and I have adjusted the original pattern so much that I almost feel I can call it my own.

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  1. Your hat is very stylish--love that you re-purposed a shirt to make it!!

  2. Your hat looks great, Karen, and made from a shirt, even better!


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