Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Dilbert the Diplodocus

stuffed diplodocus
 Aaron is going to Brisbane area in Australia for the Cold Play concert and it is going to coincide with Luca's first birthday. So I whipped out the Melly and Me patterns I had, consulted with the boys and they chose this pattern. A quick search for some bright fabrics in my scrap bag and then the green from my stash. There was a bit of frustration as the gusset of the animal did not turn out right so I had to resew that (which also mean removing the stuffing and then restuffing it).
Now wrapped in my current go to wrapping paper - old sewing patterns from the dump shop. Soon to wing it's way from NZ to Australia. 

Happy Birthday Luca
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  1. Just incase your not a wear, you are not linking to any of the sites you have listed they are going to your page then to pinterest.


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