Sunday, October 23, 2016

A 15 minute refashion

From this teatowel
To this cute apron

I love retro caravan stuff, even though our good old caravan is not retro it has a lot of retro bits in it. Anyway, last January my mother gave me a couple of caravan themed tea towels when she visited us whilst camping. I love love them but they are far too good to use to dry dishes.

In my current state of recovery I want to do craft but it needs to be quick. I spied the tea towels sitting on my sewing desk in my "to do" pile. (Well the visible "to do" pile, I actually have a "to do" cupboard!!!). Iron back the corners and stitch them down. Stitch on some grossgrain pink ribbon around the neck and some white for the ties. Ta Da... all done.

But now I think it is too nice for the caravan, so I have hung it in the pantry to use at home and dream of camping.

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  1. An apron does better justice to the cute illustrations. A good refashion! I would probably have gone even further and framed the tea towel... It's however more practical like this.

  2. You're right. So cute to use to dry dishes.
    Much better now.

  3. My daughter would love that
    Gives me wonderful idea to make her one for her camper


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