Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A one hour craft project

heart shape pot holder
Well it was meant to be a one hour project but it took me three days! These are heart shaped pot holders for a birthday present for a very dear friend who is turning 70. One of her favourite flowers is pansy. In my current recovery state only a little bit could be done every day. And even then I once forgot to mirror the heart shape so had to make another side.
I used the template from "A spoonful  of Sugar" blog. I did not read the instructions or the how to as I had decided to do the top piece using the quilt as you go technique.

finished product, bit of a struggle getting the lighting right.

The underneath I used some wool, then heat reflective fabric left over from making an ironing board, then batting and then lining. I do not want her hands to get burnt. Tip of the day - make sure the heat reflecting fabric faces towards the outside of the finished pot holder.

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  1. Wow, you're amazing Karen. Even in recovery you still think of others. Kia Kaha Karen

  2. What a lovely gift.....pretty and practical.

  3. I make these, too. I think I like your design better - these came out really nice!


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