Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My favourite kind of finish. Upcycled craft

The first finish of my recovery and convalescence. I love the designs by Jane Van Kuelen from Stash Palace, just because she uses everything, thinks outside the square and upcycles so much stuff, it is inspiring. When we were away on our annual crafting retreat Jane gave us the starter pack with the dyed wool blankets marked out with the pattern and a sample of her stitch ideas. There was an apple or pear to choose from. As you can see I chose the pear!!

I knew I would need heaps of sit down projects to complete. So I go this on the go and also used that as inspiration to start a shoulder bag. Again using Jane's dyed wool blankets and some off cuts of velvet that she dyes. It is so sumptuous. Of course there will be the requirement to add a lot of bling and other bits!

What I have found a bit unexpected in recovery though. Is that it is hard to get inspired and actually do the work. Quite a lot of mindlessness and inactivity happens in the day as concentration goes. Where I had thought I would get heaps of craft etc done as I had time up my sleeve, but a lot of that ends up in bed or watching TV. Slowly we are getting out of that.

I have tried to photograph better. The craft / computer room has a bit of a makeover thanks to my brother in law and sister. They pulled the old curtains down and installed the blinds I ordered ( and my measurements were accurate!!!), So I used the thermal lining on a chair to show off the article better. I am pleased with the result.
Linking to these places  and Crazy Mum Quilts, when I have the omph to do so.


  1. looks gorgeous. Love your work. You are obviously feeling better xxx

    1. Thanks Jane, getting better every day. Still needing that afternoon snooze though!

  2. I really like your pearl, looks so sofisticated...

  3. Your pears are beautiful. I wish you well as you recover.

  4. Rest is best!
    Stitching is second best for recovery!
    These are beautiful!

  5. I adore pears, and this one is is just too darling! I love your stitched embellishments! :)

  6. These are just gorgeous!! Love them!


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