Monday, October 10, 2016

Warning I am not a fun aunty!

This is what my sister told my boys about day one, when she came to look after me for a week. One thing that has been awesome about having an operation is the time I have had with my sister. She lives a 5-6 hour drive away so we don't meet up much. When Aaron had to go back to work, she flew up to be with me. There have been so many amazing people who have helped with so many things, that I cannot name them.
 But I dispute the lack of fun in this Aunty!!
I am not a fun mum as the only computer or xbox game I play is minecraft (and I have gone off that too). But my sister plays first person shooters - the boys were ecstatic, I went to bed!!!! 
The three sisters, husband and load of books from the booksale. Gosh we
are looking similar as we get older!
Both my sisters are great readers and we had an awesome time at the Rotary annual booksale. They bought new series of books for both the boys to read this school holidays.
And that is not to mention the amazing Op Shopper extraordinaire that she is. Op Shops and Dump shops beware.
icky curtains
new blinds installed
Last but not least she (and her awesome partner) have fantastic DIY skills. They took down old icky calico curtains and installed the new blinds. The last room in the house to have the curtains done. Now the whole house is sorted.

Yay for fun and amazing Aunties.

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  1. It was great to spend time with my sister too, next time lets get together without the excuse of recovering from an operation. I still have plenty of energy for some of our shared enthusiasms like making things, finding treasure,and upcycling other people's rubbish, as well as for computer games. Ruth


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