Saturday, October 8, 2016

A bit of crochet - a modern take on an old classic

Another item of mindless craft that has been fantastic to do while recuperating is to finish my crochet squares and turn them into a blanket. It has kept my legs warm, as I have had a bit of time getting my temperature back to equilibrium post surgery, as well as getting rid of all my bits of wool in the cupboard. I am trying to craft from my stash rather than obtain more!! For years I knitted Kaffe Fasset pattern jerseys etc and these are all the leftover bits. My boys don't like the "scratchy" home knitting and Aaron has way too many. We have also really migrated to using the finer Merino.


This started as trying to be smart and complicated. Some large squares with a lot of smaller interlinking squares. But it just did not work as I envisaged. So I went simple. This project has been my TV watching project for a couple of year. Great to finish it but now what will I do in front of TV? 
Linking my finish to these places and Crazy Mum Quilts

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