Monday, October 17, 2016

How to make your own plant rooting hormone

While my sister was here with me on one of our walks she picked a pile of young willow branches from the river. We brought them home and put them into half a bucket of water. It is just under the bark that all the goodness lies. This is where they get asprin from and is also a great starter for any cuttings. I always used to buy rooting hormone from the garden centre until I found out that willow is essentially the same thing (just not dried and in a container).

So once the willow has steeped for a while I put a pile of cuttings into the water of the ugni berry. This has two common names Chilean guava and NZ Canberry. It is not a cranberry but is the closest thing we can grow and the flavour both fresh and after a light stewing is stunning. Anyway the ugni berry cuttings are all planted up to do their thing as I want to use it to hedge the raspberries. So with the leftover water I soaked the punnets that I am planting my cucumber and courgette (zuchini) seeds into. Lots of people are spending money at the moment on seaweed liquid as a plant starter - but hey just pick some willow and get the same result!

My first outing since surgery was for Aaron's birthday. Date night (earliest date night ever - 5pm as I fade after 7pm)

We went to the Polo bar and restaurant. It was great. 

Jakob has been the best company for me during recovery. He has accompanied me on all my walks. Being spring the blossom trees (cherry) are amazing and planted in groups of three all around our suburb. Jakob just kept stopping to look at them as the petals were drifting down like confetti. I thought that wedding couples should be stopping for photos.

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