Saturday, July 18, 2015

Turning bottles into glasses

So it is school holidays and the boys are older. Now we can try some of the more dangerous activities.

Get some beer and wine bottles and try a bit of upcycling or recycling. I remembered doing this when I was a child. First we tied string which had been dipped in methylated spirits around the bottles and set it alight. Once it burnt then the bottle went under cold water. It definitely broke but it was very jagged and will take a lot of grinding.
So then we did a bit of research. Green science were great. A good explanation and Utube video and we started again. Using a glass cutter we scratched around the bottle and then poured boiling water onto the scratch only. Then under the cold tap and the crack would appear. Then one more time and boof - off comes the top of the bottle. A much smoother cut and easier to grind down.
glass cutting

This was all completed over a couple of days as we had to walk the dogs into town to get a glass cutter, do research, try and try again.

Great fun
I link to these places. 

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  1. Bugger, this looks like one of those activities that seems so easy (when you look at instructions on the net), but which is sooooo difficult to do in actuality!


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