Monday, July 6, 2015

Thankful for an abundance of lemons

At our new house we have two citrus. One had only just been identified as a Kaffir lime, taller than me, when the first frost -6 deg C hit it and it has just kept dying ever since. But the other - the lemon tree - is doing stunningly well and we have masses of fruit that make you feel healthier just looking at them.
Well I have needed that health. I have been struck by a gale force cold. It came on fast and it hit hard. I should be under the bulldozer by now. I even had to have some days off work.

Divinely restorative Lemon ginger hot drink.
Three of those lemons, a thumb of chopped fresh ginger and some honey from the hives of our friends. Added four cups of water and muddled it all with a wooden spoon. Oh the heavenly aroma (if I could smell!!), but boy I can taste. The pungent heat of the ginger cuts through my cold and I sit in front of the fire (Yes finally permitted) and sip this restorative drink.

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  1. I love lemons!!! so jealous!! Will have to plant a tree i reckon. enjoy them :)

  2. Man, that drink sounds so delicious I could smell it as I read your post!

  3. Hi Karen. Great to see you at Thriving on Thursdays. I could've done with some of this a couple weeks ago when I got really sick. I would love a lemon tree like yours. I'm featuring this one at tomorrow's party. Hope you and the family are stay warm over there.

    Anne xx


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