Friday, August 3, 2012

A practical day

Isn't it gorgeous. Love the big candle
Well today was a day of getting on with house jobs. I did a little bit of work for Longsilver Construction but mainly tried to get on top of all the little things that pile up. I don't know about you but jobs that are 5 or 10 minutes I think that it doesn't matter as I can just do it anytime. Problem is I don't do it!! So today was looking at the glasshouse, checking the chickens, Pruning the roses etc.

The roses are weird. We have a Graham Thomas rose which is meant to go to a max of 3 metres - well it is currently climbing along the verandah (for which I am really happy). The rose to the left of it is loving memory and is just fantastic with an amazing scent and long single stem tight red roses. Then further left is a rose that Aaron bought specifically to climb along the verandah. But can we get it to do what it is meant to? No. We did not want to be boring with iceburg so that rose is yellow with orange edges and it is vivid and amazing, but hideous thorns.

I have also been looking into age appropriate jobs. Thanks to Audrey for starting me in that direction. We have been stuck in the perpetual cycle of feed the dog and chooks, clear the eggs, empty the dishwasher, sometimes a vacumm and clean the bathroom. Today I started Jakob on folding washing. He is doing the towels, shorts, trousers, undies, socks, teatowels to start with. We will progress to shirts later. I want both the boys to be able to run their own home and be able and sufficient by the time they leave, I feel that as a mother it is important for me to teach them those things.

After all that hard work we had a milo and some birthday cake for afternoon tea. I was really blessed yesterday when Dawn and Mikayla turned up with a birthday cake for me. How amazing is that!!! I never bake my own cake so normally don't have one. Aaron's mum also made one which we had for pudding last night. Wow I am doubly blessed. Heading off for our second try at an anniversary weekend away. Have a great weekend all.

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  1. Such a special lady. You go girl. Love Dian.


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