Friday, August 24, 2012

Happy Chooks

I am loving the sunshine we have been getting. I have been thinking that the chooks could do more work for us in the garden. So my sister Anna gave me some old fencing she had. I put it around the dug out strawberry bed for the chooks to fossick in. Jakob got all uptight that the chooks would escape from it, Morris barked and barked, even when I put him inside, he was just too excited about the chooks being where they should not.
The chooks loved it!!! (But I did not own up to Jakob that two escaped in the two hours:). I will have to keep an eye on them and not just leave them in it). Anyway chooks are great at clearing out and fertilising gardens. When I look at the photo I realise that I it is a bit lackadaisical so will fix it up a bit tomorrow. So if the weather stays fantastic then I will fence another area off. Am starting to get the excited, ready for planting feeling!!!.
I had a lovely couple of hours out in the sun after work, starting mulching my big pile of clippings.


  1. I am so wanting to get some chooks but have to wait till my big OS trip first. Dian.

    1. So when is the big trip Dian? The good thing about chooks is that lots of people will look after them for you as they get to keep the eggs when they do!! See you at church tomorrow

  2. Karen, if you "weave" pea sticks into the side areas, the sides of your enclosure will stay upright, and then hopefully chooks will not get out. Did you know, that I think it is only NZers and Ozzies who say "chook" for hens?


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