Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A newly sewn basket for the laundry

Thanks to Roz at Squiltz for the fantastic idea of making a laundry bag for the washing trolley out of laminate fabric. I got my fabric from Sew Pretty, an online shop that is fabulous and I use a lot.
Over my retreat weekend this was one of the non quilt things that I made. I did receive a lot of hassle about it as it takes more time and money to make a new laundry liner than buying a cheap one. Also being laminate it was pointed out that the water will not seep through when it rains. Which means either I need to bring it inside when not in use OR the water can collect in it and weigh it down to stop it blowing away when we have bad weather (it always happens to me - go outside and it is strewn across the section).
I used the old ripped one as a template and was quite worried about the fit. But it fits really well. The bag bit could do with being a tad smaller but at least it will hold a lot of washing.


  1. Looks Great Karen, and a fabulous use for laminate!

  2. This may be a mere male question here, but why not just poke a hole in the bottom (and if necessary reinforce it) so the water has somewhere to drain?

    1. Ha ha ha. Yes a very male answer as the material could then just rip from that hole. Actually I don't see it as a problem at all.


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