Saturday, August 11, 2012

Crazy kids and quilts


After a busy morning with soccer and present buying we trotted off the see Mieke, the birthday girl. Well the boys had been amazingly good all day. No arguments, no worries, occupied themselves outside with lots of fun while putting all the pruning into a pile for us to put through the mulch-er. But we got to Jess and Stephens and then it all went riot. Mieke had an amazing party in the morning and then only slept about 1 hour so she was getting hypo, which encouraged my boys. They wanted to play in her pink tent. Eli practically tried on every bit of fairy princess gear that Mieke had. First he came out with a headband, then a necklace, then some lacy thing, then wings and on it went until he was quite done up. Mieke thought her cousins were crazy. But good old Alex just slept through it all - model child trying out his new quilt.
I was lucky to have him sleep on me for about 3/4 hour till we had to go. There is NOTHING that can compare to having a new baby sleep and snuggle into you. Bliss.

Jess insisted that I not take her photo - just Alex. Sorry Jess. (nah not really). But I as the boys were today's photographers they obviously didn't listen to that instruction.  The picture of the megasketcher was what Jakob was writing. He followed Mieke around and wrote down everything she said.

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  1. What a lovely post. Brings back memories of our young sons, who are now grown men.


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