Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Spring blooms

A bit of sunshine, some early spring flowers and I feel positive about everything. After 6 weeks of rain, cloud, rain, more cloud etc we have had a couple of hours sun. Oh spring is on it's way. I parked the car on our section after work and saw our first Iceland Poppy right beside the bunch of traditional daffodils that are out. Glorious colour, heralding spring. Oh I want to go camping!!!


  1. You live in Iceland? I just love daffodils! They are one of my favs. My MIL has a lot of them lining a lot of her walkways and they are gorgeous, I have two big sets on each side of our flower bed, but they are late bloomers lol and white so when it is Spring here I always am like bloom bloom lol! I love that color and that Poppy is stunning you know I have never saw a real one ever! Wow this is a lot of Sunshine! I love talking to people from different parts of the world!

    1. No I live in New Zealand and the poppy in the photo we call an "iceland"poppy (not sure why). Thanks for stopping by

  2. Thanks for linking up today. I love daffodils! my daughter has them lining her driveway and they look so pretty in the spring. I like Summer love to talk to people from different parts of the world.

    Kimberlys Korner


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