Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fabulous weekend

Walk out to the point at dusk
View from the Motel room
This weekend Aaron and I went away for a weekend to celebrate our 13th Wedding anniversary. This was our second attempt at going away. The first try was on the actual weekend but after getting the boys into bed at their aunties, we realised that Jakob was running a temperature. Turning around and taking the kids home was a good decision as by the time we got home they were both sick.
So second time around was a lot more successful. We stayed at a motel in an area of Kaikoura I had not explored before. You turn into the town, drive through the town, past the miles of motels, the swimming pool, the cliffs and turn right instead of going to the slipway. Just along there was the motel.

Just beside the Motel we found Kaikoura's best kept secret. The Green Dolphin - a restaurant and bar. Amazing food, far better than anything we have previously found in Kaikoura. We went for dessert when we arrived and had the most delicious hot olives (and incredibly plentiful), some drink, some lovely desserts and some more drink. Then walked next door to the motel.

We were so impressed with the restaurant that we dined there again on Saturday night. Amazing flavours, incredible calamari, gorgeous Thai style green mussels, amazing fish and divine steak.

A sheet and roll of wall paper from the recycle centre
Anyway enough about the food. We had a lovely time. 2 good walks, both just over 4km. Saw lots of seals, gorgeous views. Aaron went for a huge run on Saturday morning and I took in the best shop in town - the recycle centre (dump shop). Did not know that Kaikoura had one so was thrilled to find it and get a couple of bargains.

Then on to the "A Patch of Country" where I found that they are now stocking japanese fabric. Bought one hunk of material and some lovely quilting thread. When Aaron turned up he convinced me to buy two more pieces of Japanese fabric which he picked out. What fabulous taste he has!!!!!
Material from the quilt shop
The boys happy on the farm - didn't miss Mum and Dad at all!!

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